About Tecalis

Tecalis combines technology, methodology, and unique culture to solve the technological challenges of the best companies.

Our proprietary solutions for process automation and user experience improvement in digital processes, coupled with the development of Cloud Native projects with an end-to-end approach, ensure that our customers always stay ahead of the curve.

According to the Financial Times, Tecalis met the 145th* rank of the fastest growing European companies.

  • Company: Tecalis Software S.L. (formerly Dexga Technologies S.L.) Position 145 in 2018. Position 811 in 2019.


Technology partner for key operations

Tecalis assists top leading companies in solving their biggest technology challenges.

We focus on researching emerging technologies and developing exceptional technology products. To do this, we focus talented people to the use of the most efficient methodologies and the power of cloud software development. We can provide our customers with fast and reliable deliveries to respond to the current moment of continuous change.

During these 10 years, we have demonstrated our customer focus, our obsession for responsibility, and our ambition to grow with our customers and maintain our leadership.

We are Tecalis.


We don't settle.

We transform our customers and we transform ourselves. There is always room for improvement. We are continuously transforming to be a more agile and efficient company.

We make all our processes digital and we make this technology power our innovative strategies for business excellence, continuous excellence, corporate best practices and corporate wellbeing.

Everything is connected. Everything happens faster. Now, transforming is no longer enough, now you have to do it again and again.


Sustained and sustainable growth

Tecalis is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2018 and 2019 according to the Financial Times. Sustained economic growth over time, hand in hand with the constant search for efficiency and always pushed by technology.

And sustainable growth, combining economic well-being, corporate well-being, and corporate responsibility, has enabled us to achieve the highest levels of business excellence, management and business innovation, continuous improvement, and good business practices; making us one of the leading technology companies, benchmarks, and most recognized and awarded in these areas at national and international level.

In addition to gaining economic dimension, Tecalis has gained economic and international dimension through the expansion to new markets and has generated a great impact through its presence and launches in the main world technological centers (Silicon Valley, MWC...).



The history of Tecalis began in 2011, in Galicia (Spain), at the hands of two technologists who were passionate about making their mark through innovation.


Tecalis takes a turn in vision and strategy. Structural and cultural transformation is consolidated. It brings infinity to the Tecalis brand.


First operations in the LATAM market (Ecuador and Colombia). "Innovation Garage", Tecalis' innovation engine, is born.


Rank 145 in the list of the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. First global launch at Mobile World Congress. First awards for the lean model of continuous improvement and talent well-being.


Birth of Tecalis LLC in the USA. Positioned again in the FT 1000 list of the Financial Times. European award for business management and innovation, corporate best practice award and business excellence award.


New strategic plan and new objectives: focus and growth. Tecalis was awarded for its CSR policies.