How it works

Static document templates with fields

Templates embedded in different documents: distribution of fields in a static document without dynamic fields.


Automated signature flows

Automatically determine signature flows: signed all at once, sequentially, mass mailing, etc.

Certified sending of signed copies

The signed document can be sent in a certified form to a non-signatory once it is signed.


Manual forwarding

Forwarding of signed or unsigned documents to third parties, to non-signatories, to other signatories, to pending documents, with guarantees and traceability.

Comments and editing

The signatory may have the option to comment on certain clauses and work jointly with other players to resolve any questions about the contract.

Automated forwarding

Send documents and signatures to the main signatory on a recurring basis. The rest of the signatories can be established and scheduled.

Field automation

Determine which fields need to be completed before signing. All types, such as optional, mandatory, auto-complete.


An outside observer can validate the document before sending it to the signatories, for example, the Legal Department.


Dynamic document layout

Templates embedded in dynamic documents: they’re embedded at the top of the document so additional fields can be added.


If you aren’t a signatory, it can be sent as an interlocutor. The recipient can forward it to another person for signature.

Multi-Factor authentication (MFA-2FA)

SMS, eMail, token, biometrics... Different authentication methods can be combined to establish MFA security.

Workflows and process customization

Fully customizable and adaptable process features can be added and modified for each shipment and requirement.

Attached documentation in the email

The signature sends an attached copy in the email to the signer and the requester, something not available in other similar solutions.

KYC with document collection

KYC process with document collection before and after signing the document.


Certified communication (BuroMail/Burofax equivalence)

Officialized signatures with maximum guarantees, complying with the most demanding technical and legal regulations.

Scheduling of the shipment

The shipment can be scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time that’s different from when the request is set up.


Single signature for multiple documents

You can request the signature of several documents in the same application without having to repeat the process several times.

End-to-end encryption

A solution with the maximum privacy guarantees and security policies required for this type of process.

Custody management

Documents and document management stored safely, comprehensively, and compliant with standards.

Duplication of signature requests

You can duplicate a signature request with the characteristics and configuration of another previously-made request for other users, small changes, etc.

Sending without prior signatory set up

You can send to an organization without a clear signatory. The document sender will be able to delegate the corresponding person’s signature.

Self-signed documents

Self-signed and auto-completed documents can be sent, preventing the ping-pong effect in processes with several signatories involved.

Sending via any channel

Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack... There are multiple ways to send the signature request with full guarantee and maximum security.

Secure forwarding to non-signatory

The signed documentation can be forwarded to third parties in a secure, encrypted, and registered manner.

Signature delegation

Whether or not the signature can be delegated can be established in the configuration t. This way, the original signer can assign the signature to another person.


Automated signature flows

Automatically determine signature flows: signed all at once, sequentially, mass mailing, etc.

Payment and signature

A feature can be incorporated in order to allow the signature request recipient to make a prepayment.

On-site signature

An optimized signature process for on-site management that is applicable to any channel or customer system at the physical location/office.

Multi-device compatibility

A signature can be made on any device, including Wacom, tablet, POS, Kiosk, smartpad...

Sending to network devices

For example, for face-to-face signatures, the document can be sent to the devices configured in the customer's different locations.

Document expiration

When appropriate, you can select a specific expiration date for the signed document.



Similar to the observer, the document signature is unlocked when the validator accepts (e.g. Legal Dept., lawyer...).

Automated sending of reminders

Periodic reminders can be sent to signatories if they don’t sign the documents until the signature is recorded.


Integration and document management systems

The solution easily, securely, and efficiently integrates in any document management system.

QR generation

A scannable QR code is generated so the customer can access the signature platform directly. There’s also a URL button.