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Tecalis Dxbot is an artificial intelligence-driven solution that automates business processes using intelligent software robots. Thanks to Tecalis Dxbot, companies can achieve exceptional benefits in terms of operational quality, speed and cost.

Tecalis Dxbot makes it possible to develop, deploy and manage automated processes quickly and directly from a centralized server that interacts with internal company systems, portals and websites, desktop applications and other data sources. With the most comprehensive set of next-generation RPA capabilities, Tecalis Dxbot combines robotic process automation, business process management, process mining and cognitive document automation to enable organizations to digitally automate and transform people and information-based processes.


Benefits of business process integration


Robotic Process Automation is a transformative technology, empowering creativity, improving accuracy and helping organizations grow by managing repetitive and manual tasks with their software robots.

Thanks to Tecalis Dxbot, companies can have software capable of mimicking the actions performed by people, with a use focused mainly on repetitive, structured and rule-driven tasks, such as searching for records, filling out forms, creating/updating/deleting records or performing calculations. Our product enables companies to:


Automate human tasks, performing them more reliably and faster.


Intercommunicate different processes between several companies, increasing efficiency in the exchange of information.


To adapt any type of internal process to a speed and reliability much higher than that performed manually by people, interacting with them if necessary.


Ability to act in an attended or unattended manner.


It is based on Cloud-based technology, which provides, among other advantages, maximum scalability.


Support for users to specify and code their own business processes, automating their execution, through a graphical interface.

Deployment processes

Tecalis DxBot is a transformative technology, enabling creativity, improving accuracy and helping organizations to grow by managing repetitive and manual tasks. It is a technology that has incredible scalability, allowing, depending on service needs, to handle an increasing load of data, transactions and work to continue to meet the needs of a business as it grows.

Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

We analyze the administrative and productive processes susceptible to automation, and we provide companies with the tools that allow them to optimize and avoid errors in the organization's processes.

Identification of use cases

Identification of use cases

We make a proposal in which we indicate where are the greatest opportunities to apply our technology and an estimate of the benefits that would be obtained.

Implementation of automations

Implementation of automations

The Tecalis Dxbot solution can be implemented quickly and is complemented with systems and business processes in an easy, safe and efficient way, in addition to offering support throughout the implementation process.

Robotic Process Automation


Tecalis Dxbot


The implementation of our technology allows companies to achieve savings of up to 40% per year, as well as the corresponding ROI in the same timeframe. The direct savings in the cost of intensive manual human effort frees up capital and resources for higher value activities, which would imply indirect cost savings of even greater magnitude.

Tecalis DxBot provides robotic solutions that possess a completely unlimited attention span, eliminating 100% the possibility of making errors in their calculations, performing considerably better interpretations, response activation, and communication with other systems to operate in a wide range of repetitive tasks.

Scalability Our solutions are programmed with AI, so our technology is trained and educated to understand any specific process, automatically executing the entrusted transactions, and can be adapted and reprogrammed to increase or decrease its volume of operation.

Tecalis DxBot is designed to return a large amount of performance data in the form of key indicators, generating valuable information that can be used in process improvement or to address company audit requirements.

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