Recorded Webinar

Digital Onboarding for Banking and Financial Services

35 minutes
Lendha Espinoza
International Business Development Manager at Tecalis

Best Practices to Improve Customer Acquisition

In the past years, digital customer onboarding has become an expectation of new customers demanding a seamlessly integrated experience across all channels. Banks and financial services companies need to act quickly to remove friction from their customers’ journey and increase retention. Providing a meticulous digital experience has proven to be critical for a successful KYC onboarding process.

Persona entrando a cuenta del banco | Person accessing bank account

In this webinar, we discussed and answered questions such as:

  • How can banks and financial institutions meet customer expectations effectively?
  • How to adopt Digital Onboarding to improve conversion rates and reach?
  • What are the keys to lowering abandonment in Digital Onboarding?