Why T_

We develop software to revolutionize the way customers interact with digital businesses.

Endless Transformation, the concept that defines us

We combine our technology with the power of Cloud development to drive our clients' businesses in a hyper-competitive environment. We launch systems based on new architectures ready to adapt to constant change. The impossible just takes a little longer, so don't think your competitors won't make it; you must be a pioneer. We will get you there on time and keep you as a digital benchmark.

Tecalis, enabling endless digital transformation.

Why Tecalis


It's really like they are part of Orange, they find the right technology and approach for us to meet our challenges.

Álvaro Morejón

Francisco J. Lérida

New Channels Manager - Orange

6 reasons why leading companies choose us


Successful results

<p>Our technologies have been validated by the most important companies in our country, carrying out millions of transactions.</p>


Technological vanguard

<p>Our model is based on not conforming, therefore, we always guarantee the maximum innovation in our solutions.</p>


Online managed development

<p>We offer software development to complete E2E processes and we do it differently (100% online project management).</p>


Happy teams

<p>Focused on the customer and on nurturing and attracting talent. A happy team is a team committed to customers.</p>


Truly Cloud

<p>Our developments and architectures are 100% Cloud Native. Maximum capacity for growth and innovation.</p>


Responsible DNA

<p>A company with the welfare of all people as the axis that sustains the corporate culture and business growth.</p>

We are committed to constant innovation

In a constantly changing environment, we want to be your travel companions: discovering and opening new opportunities together, leaving our mark.

During more than 10 years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and committed partner that is present in the core of large companies. Companies that trust Tecalis for its commitment and customer focus. We are a company awarded for our Management and Business Innovation at European level. A company awarded for our level of Business Excellence and Continuous Improvement. One of the most recognized and awarded companies in Spain for our Quality Talent and Corporate Wellness policies. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2018 and 2019. A team of talented people truly passionate about doing technology differently. Nonconformists.

We are a company that wants to make a mark. We are Tecalis.



A reliable partner for the best companies

Tecalis is developing some of the most critical processes of the largest companies. One example is Orange, the second-largest telecommunications operator in Spain and one of the most important in the world. Orange trusts in Tecalis several projects of intelligent sales management and systems integration through RPA.

With the use of our RPA technologies, Orange has managed to reduce the management times of registration processes by more than 80%, allowing customers to enjoy the contracted service sooner.