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One single platform to engage your users

  • Set up different workflows: parallel, sequence, or bulk.
  • Choose your channels: email, sms, WhatsApp, Telegram, app, etc.
  • Define multiple signature layers: biometric, OTP, certificated, dual factor…

One single platform to drive more business

  • Enable comments and suggestions or changes by creating different versions of the contract.
  • Provide signature delegation to your users or send the signature for review.
  • Add optional or mandatory data fields with forms, templates, and layout functions.

One single platform to secure your transactions

  • Enhance data protection by requesting information to sign or a KYC process, ensuring privacy.
  • Ask the signer to upload the required documentation and set up automated mechanisms to validate it through KYB technology.
  • Validate sensitive document fields before starting the signature process.

All your teams and users need

Identity Verification

Verify your signers are who they say they are.

id verification process

Document collection

We encrypt the information, certifying any alteration in the documents. Authenticate any document with no manual validation required.

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Timing and deadlines

Check what is pending, and create alerts and automated renewals.

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Automate your work

Save frequent settings in your day-to-day work and create a flow to make everything faster by sharing it with your team.

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Groups and packages

Group documents, send file packages in sequence, or create an envelope to improve the signing process.

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Electronic notifications

Get full traceability of a document, file, or communication. Get an audit report with sending, delivery, opening, reading, interactions, forwarding, and downloads.

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Immutability and sealing

Certify and guarantee the non-alteration of your most critical data and documents.

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5-year storage guaranteed

Turn Tecalis into the documentation center of your business with attack-proof security.

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Choose Security

Tailor the signing process to the risk level of the operation

Very high

Agile and secure Click&Go solution for low-risk operations and processes.

Simple with two-factor

Simplicity and convenience with a 2FA signer identification through current media and channels.

Simple Certified

Agile Click&Go electronic signature with time stamping for superior support.


Convenient and fast signature with the support of a registered telephone line. Enables medium-risk operations.


Versatile and secure solution, with advanced identification of the signer under specific technical standards.

Certified SMS OTP

A perfect option for signing contracts in commercial processes or with operational implications. With maximum support and guarantees.

Certified Biometric

A complete method with unequivocal identification of the signer supported by the most demanding regulations. For a high level of risk.

Certified Biometrics + KYC

The most reliable formula in the market. It combines top-level digital identification methods along with the ultimate signature.

Very high
Certified SMS OTP

A perfect option for signing contracts in commercial processes or with operational implications. With maximum support and guarantees.

Certified Biometric

A complete method with unequivocal identification of the signer supported by the most demanding regulations. For a high level of risk.

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Rely on a Trust Services Provider

We work so you don't have to worry about a thing. We are our customers' Trusted Third Party and Regtech Partner.

  • Digital certificate integrated.
  • Minimum custody of 5 years, extendable.
  • Notarial deposit and equivalence.
  • Maximum legal support. 100% eIDAS compliant.
  • Audit reports and evidentiary document.
  • Immutability and sealing in your own DBs.
  • On-the-spot pick-up and certified validation.
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What our customers say

Perfect traveling companions for digital projects, due to their agility and complicity with the business.
Ignacio Ceña
Head of Operations - O2
Our strategy boils down to the speed with which we implement innovative and high-quality solutions, which is why we rely on Tecalis.
Juan M. Guijarro
Chief Engineer - Dormakaba
Tecalis technology provides the guarantees we need for large-scale international e-signature processes, especially in terms of identity verification.
Inmaculada Gutiérrez
Renfe-Operadora International Chief
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Ad-hoc integration models for your business

Use the platform and interfaces designed by Tecalis or integrate the technology into your software, websites, ERP, or CRM. Deliver a first-class UX/UI branded experience connected to your tools.


Complete and gradual integration. Integrate eSignatures in your address book or use our microservices layer to call preconfigured workflows.


Create documents and include Single Sign-On to the platform in any of your channels or ERPs. Configure the process and subsequently manage the operations performed.


Get alerts for every signature, change of status, or notification. Set up specific actions in any system.

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