RPA - Automation

Transform. Integrate. Multiply. Scale.

Build a scalable agile business model. Boost your processes and spark productivity in your organization by focusing on what's important.

Based on AI and machine learning, Tecalis Robotic Process Automation allows your teams to reach their full potential and achieve their goals in a record time.

Procesos automáticos | Automated processes

Provide your teams with the disruptive tools they need to focus on what really matters, cutting down on repetitive tasks and boosting creativity.

  • Attended models: Streamline processes and routine tasks to the fullest.

  • Semi-attended models: Process automation with human supervision.

  • Unattended models:  Full process automation.


Make your business run like never before. Eliminate bottlenecks and grow exponentially.

  • Reduce costs and time in unimaginable ways.

  • Scale your operations without any additional investment.

  • Intercommunicate processes easily between different organizations.


Reaching 0 errors is now possible. Leave errors and error management behind by automating complex information-based processes.

  • Real state-of-the-art digital workforce.

  • 100% efficient process mining and interpretation.

  • Advanced cognitive automation.


Do what you’ve always wanted to do. With RPA, you can transform your business with certainty and the confidence to lead.

  • Quick and direct process implementation.

  • Workflow and activity creation that was previously unfeasible.

  • Propose new success stories associated with your business.


Get automated reports about your processes and your environment. Make decisions and audit with the best information.

  • We analyze your business and organization to find growth opportunities.

  • Data generation and performance indicators based on KPIs.

  • Reports based on audit procedures.

Tecalis fully adapts to and integrates with your organizational and business processes

We design the best RPA interface for your teams.

  • No previous computer programming knowledge is required to use RPA software. Tecalis provides a sophisticated and user-friendly interface that anyone can use.
  • We develop ad-hoc solutions that are tailored to your organization’s circumstances, integrating bots into your systems regardless of their nature and characteristics. Talk with us.
  • Tecalis RPA bots work in any environment, on any application, operative system, or work tool.
Persona usando Tecalis RPA | Person using Tecalis RPA

Robotic Process Automation

Streamline tedious processes instantly and get valuable information and analytics so you can make the right decisions for your company. Gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Lead your industry.

The possibilities are limitless. Here are some examples of what you can do with Tecalis RPA automation services.

Customer relations and sales
  • Queries, contacts, notifications, information provision, or chats.

  • Ordering and stock management, distribution, or requests and replenishment.

  • Pricing updates and modification.

  • Promotion creation, updates, and modification according to customer profiles and data.

  • Registrations and cancellations. Specialized content generation and delivery.

  • Risk analysis for insurance, finances, or contracting.

  • Sales statistics.

  • Service activation or cancellation.

  • Reservations, access code generation, etc. in the tourism and mobility sector.

Security and compliance
  • Suspicious element and transaction detection.

  • Fraudulent activity detection.

  • Automatic account closures for users conducting unlawful behavior.

  • Immediate validation processes for any type of activity.

  • Big data. Automatically and intelligently analyze, treat, and use vast amounts of valuable information.

  • Prepare and send financial performance reports.

  • Data collection and business reports for auditing.

  • Continual competitor analysis. Product and pricing.

  • Automate inventory and archive levels.

  • Generate full reports by interpreting and combining different documents and information. For example, medical histories, expert witness reports, or financial audits.

  • Supply chain automation implementation.

  • Complete automation of accounting processes.

  • Payment line automation.

  • Interconnection and automation with provider systems.

  • Typification changes to back-office requests.

  • Automated reading.

  • Processes related to all HR tasks.

BPM Process Management Systems

Apply Tecalis RPA in structured, unstructured, and customizable business processes.

Tecalis helps your company or institution overcome the most complex challenges with the most advanced technology to help you create a sustainable business model that revolutionizes your industry.

We help the leading companies redefine and adapt of their processes by developing the technology, tools, and digital products designed to lead with three simple steps.

Personas implantando sistema BPM | People implating BPM system


With Tecalis RPA, you can design a business structure and define your organization’s behavior and workflows with efficient and productive norms and standards.



Cloud. Implement bots from a graphical interface and external API integrations to drive and transform your business processes. Standardize procedures and eliminate bottlenecks.



Analyze and start over. Improve your organization and stay ahead of the curve by making decisions based on accurate and quality information. Enable Endless Transformation.

RegTech Partner

As a RegTech expert and EU-certified Trust Services Provider, Tecalis ensures maximum compliance in any process, whether it’s automated or not:

  • Complete electronic evidence.
  • Audit reports.
  • Evidentiary document and traceability.
  • Time stamping authority.
RegTech certificado | Certified RegTech

What our customers say

Perfect traveling companions for digital projects, due to their agility and complicity with the business.
Ignacio Ceña
Head of Operations - O2
Our strategy boils down to the speed with which we implement innovative and high-quality solutions, which is why we rely on Tecalis.
Juan M. Guijarro
Chief Engineer - Dormakaba
Tecalis technology provides the guarantees we need for large-scale international e-signature processes, especially in terms of identity verification.
Inmaculada Gutiérrez
Renfe-Operadora International Chief
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Tecalis adapts and integrates 100% to your systems and brand

  • Use the best control panel on the market for an electronic signature solution or integrate our API and easily connect with your tools.
  • Offer your users a first-class UX/UI experience and convey the image you wish. Branding, design and communication of operations according to your brand.
persona con todas sus aplicaciones integradas | person who has all his apps integrated
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