Manage credentials and provide fast, secure access to your customers, users and collaborators with the Tecalis KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) solution.

SCA and PSD2 compliant

SCA and PSD2 compliant

Grant access to those who comply with the most demanding regulatory standards.

  • At any risk level.

  • Valid in banking, finance, insurance, or trading.

  • Traceability and access auditing.

  • Integration as a gateway.

KYC based solution

KYC based solution

Based on Tecalis Identity Verification solution, our authentication system is agile and secure.

  • Success rate higher than 98%.

  • Tested and certified technology.

  • The best UX/UI experience.

  • On any device and channel.

MFA strategy configuration

MFA strategy configuration

Set up a multi-factor authentication strategy that’s designed to fit your needs. Tailored to you and your users.

  • OTP. Email, SMS.

  • Facial biometrics.

  • PIN. Fingerprint.

  • Database. Social login.

Anti-Spoofing Controls

Anti-Spoofing Controls

In many cases, passwords by themselves are not enough. Combine secure methods to avoid fraud.

  • Protection against deepfakes.

  • Login warnings on a new device.

  •  Access levels depending on the type of login.

  • Proof of life in seconds.


Tecalis operates as an EU-certified Trust Services Provider

The processes carried out have the legal backing equivalent to a notary process.

  • Full electronic evidence.

  • Audit reports.

  • Evidentiary document and traceability.

  • Time stamping authority.


The authentication process for product, service, and digital platform access must be robust and agile at the same time.

We designed a technology capable of identifying and granting access in a matter of seconds with the necessary technical and regulatory support so that operations of any kind can be developed, regardless of their nature and risk level.


Provide your employees, suppliers, or collaborators with secure onsite and online access to necessary systems, hardware, software, applications, databases, networks, or facilities for their activity.


Offer your customers an agile way to identify themselves in order to access their products or services and perform crucial operations fully remotely in compliance with the technical and regulatory standards of your industry.


With KYC + Authentication under the same cross-device solution, you can give your users access to your organization's platforms so that they can become customers without any additional steps.


Control, manage, and analyze all accesses and operations from different areas. Network, systems, applications, and CRM. Automate.



  • Faster than any usual user and password access system. 

  • More secure than using static users and passwords. 

  • More possibilities than any other login method.



The user shows their face, and the system performs the cross-referencing with the database. Additional authentication factors can be requested according to the company or organization's configuration.



After the identification process is performed in seconds, the user can access the platform, physical installation, or digital service with complete security and guarantees.



Once they’re entered into the system, sensitive operations can be performed without the need to provide further credentials given the technical and regulatory characteristics of the initial login. Likewise, additional checks can be performed if the organization deems it necessary.



Furthermore, an electronic signature process can be performed once the user is in the system. Thanks to the previous reinforced login, this digital contracting process will have all the necessary regulatory support.

Trusted by top companies

Tecalis adapts and integrates 100% to your systems and brand

Use the best control panel on the market for an electronic signature solution or integrate our API and easily connect with your tools.

Offer your users a first-class UX/UI experience and convey the image you wish. Branding, design and communication of operations according to your brand.

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