The new omnichannel customer service



of consumers will take out insurance through online and mobile applications


of insurers will invest in technology to improve customer loyalty


policy and claim cost reduction thanks to task automation

Your customers are what’s most important

Knowing how to adapt your products to increasingly individualized expectations is essential to reducing costs and improving service quality.

  • A new digital customer experience

    Accelerate policy issuance and claims processing with an e-signature solution that covers the entire process from start to finish. 

    No wait times, no misplaced documents. Provide your clients with personalized and comprehensive document management from any place and device.

  • Protect your business and your customers

    Insurance is a fundamental element of the most important aspects of our lives: health, family, employment, economy... This presents challenges when organizing and protecting the data provided by customers.

    Verify your policyholders’ identities and reduce the risk of fraud by ensuring fast and secure access to your products and services.

  • Maximize profitability

    Managing forms, sending updates and ensuring regulatory compliance tend to be manual tasks that lead to errors, resulting in customer loss and other financial damage.

    Automating routine operations save thousands of hours a year. Improve your employees' productivity and accelerate closings.


What can we do together?

Adopting digital solutions can set you apart from the competition when rebuilding your value chain for current and potential customers.

Insurance Application

Insurance Application

Immediate. No need to wait in line at a branch.

Policy registration

Policy registration

Issues and signs policies, agreements, and notifications with a full legal guarantee.

Policy cancellations

Policy cancellations

Verify signer identity and simplify cancellations with previous providers.



ISO 27001, 27701, 9001, eIDAS, GDPR, AML, KYC, PSD2, SCA or any other regulation.

Claims management

Claims management

Reduces failures when digitally processing claims documents. From any place and device.

Claim processing

Claim processing

Always keep your customers informed through identification and electronic signature.

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Identify your users remotely, create a fast and complete experience without bureaucracy.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Premium payment automation or authorization of recurring payments.

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Reinvent your relationship with policyholders

Make your business the digital insurance company your clients expect. Grow, save and deliver a forefront experience at the same time.

  • Digitize the lifecycle of your customers from start to finish.
  • Prioritize flexibility by ensuring security at every step.
  • Reduce material costs and time.

Tecalis adapts and integrates 100% to your systems and brand

Use the best control panel on the market for an electronic signature solution or integrate our API and easily connect with your tools.

Offer your users a first-class UX/UI experience and convey the image you wish. Branding, design and communication of operations according to your brand.

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