KYC/AML Onboarding

Seamless User Verification and Registration

Onboard customers, users, and organizations at any stage and risk level. A unique solution based on reconstruction technology.

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Successfully onboard customers and users in remote channels

  • Fast onboarding with a focus on conversion,fully compliant with the most demanding standards. Automatic language and region based on location.
  • Biometrics and authentication of identity documents for a KYC/AML process at any risk level with KYB verification of business documents.
  • Real-time automated workflows for all systems and use cases.

Successfully onboard customers and users at your Point of Sale

  • Personalize the experience to avoid mid-process abandonment, according to the characteristics and needs of the channel.
  • Transform physical spaces to activate users in the field, minimizing the time spent by POS agents.
  • Eliminate fraud and manual errors in any market, freeing your sales teams from the daily grind.

Successfully onboard customers and users in any industry

  • Connect with your users by giving them human, personalized attention. Deliver intelligent flows based on user behavior.
  • A specific and comprehensive workflow with all the features of our automated onboarding plus the addition of human validation.
  • A compliant solution that complements the KYC process, with instant registration and contracting through electronic signature.



Design a conversion-oriented workflow. Determine the appropriate steps for onsite and online channels and the risk level of each operation.

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Cutting-edge technology
Agile contracting

First 2nd Gen. KYC

  • Reconstruction model: Dozens of images combined with the power of AI to avoid friction.
  • NFC technology: Compatibility with modern identity documentation and contactless onboarding.
  • OCR 2nd Gen: 0 errors, 100% conversion. Advanced technology to ensure security and success.
  • Error-free: Artificial intelligence and machine learning for flawless performance.
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End-to-end onboarding of customers, employees, and businesses

User Experience

Run Tecalis with a narrator to guide the user through the conversion. Enable accessibility options and choose from dozens of languages.

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Real-time processing

Choose streaming video identification with AI and flexible requirements. Implement active or passive liveness verification to prevent fraud.

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Instant user onboarding

Maximize regulatory support in any market. Create audit reports with full traceability to enable new use cases.

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Lower cost per acquisition

Skip the red tape and rely on agile and robust processes that automate any business unit.

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Increase revenue

Establish cross-selling strategies by encouraging contracts after registration in the user portal. Use SCA authentication to close sales in the best customer state.

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Zero penalties

Achieve zero risk. Count on a trust services provider to support and guarantee all your activities.

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Companies that trust Tecalis


Enabling breakthrough use cases for financial institutions. Trust systems for retail banking, transaction banking, lending and treasury capital markets.

Grupo MásMóvil

Multi-brand portal for sales and activation in attended, online and semi-served models at the point of sale.


Driving an innovation model in the leasing industry with KYC/AML controls and electronic signatures.


Commercial hub for its business lines with Butik (electricity, gas, solar energy, telecommunications and leasing).

Phone House

New product registration process. A multi-channel online and in-person model.

End-to-end customer, employee, and business onboarding

You can use the platform and interfaces designed by Tecalis or choose to integrate the technology into your own systems and tools. A first-class UX/UI experience with the image and design you want, adapted to your brand and connected to all your tools.

Tecalis Dashboard

Use the platform and interfaces that hundreds of customers love for all your critical use cases.

API Integration

Get up and running in days with seamless integration to all your systems.

SSO Gateway

Request payments or integrate the service with your ERP in a flexible configuration model based on predefined rules and intelligent triggers.

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