About Tecalis

Tecalis combines technology, methodology, and unique culture to provide cutting-edge digital solutions to top companies.

  • We simplify, optimize, and innovate the way that millions of users engage with our technology in order to run more efficient and productive businesses.

  • We develop digital products that drive sustainability and growth, keeping our customers ahead of the curve.

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Our pillars



We transform ideas into reality through technological innovation with confidence and determination. We don't just tell a story; we make and create it. We develop digital products that revolutionize the present and bring leading companies into the future.



Reliability, efficiency, and security set the tone for how we work. As a Trust Services Provider, we’re commited to the highest technical and regulatory standards.



We talk with you person to person. We empathize with your and your customers’ needs in order to adapt and transform effectively. We’re here to be your partner, growing with you and for you.



Our actions are lead by professionalism and knowledge. We spearhead digital projects for the best companies in all industries, providing adapted products that have allowed our clients to lead and expand.



By being adapted to the VUCA environment, we ensure that your company is always up-to-date. We are non-conformist, pioneering, and efficient. We enable endless transformation to improve over and over, and create the best solutions



We understand sustainability as an imperative. We integrate digital solutions in our clients’ organizations that make businesses scalable, sustainable, and efficient. The smartest decision is to be both responsible and viable.

Why Tecalis

What does Tecalis mean?

Thanks to the agile methodologies of our teams, our products are constantly improving. We create new approaches to adapt them to the future through innovation.


Our solutions are ahead of market standards in terms of technology and features. And we don't just tell you about it, we can prove it to you.


We help our clients comply with the most demanding regulatory standards (AML/KYC/eIDAS/GDPR/SCA/PSD2) through digitization.


We are experts in your industry and your use case, whatever it may be. We customize our services to your area, sector, and industry with tailored solutions that are adapted to you and your customers.


We nurture talent and create happy teams and projects. A happy project is a successful project.


Our technologies have been endorsed by the most important companies in our country and abroad, with millions of operations.

A responsible culture

Tecalis is people-centric
Hombre accediendo a su app de trabajo | Man accessing to his job's app

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we align our projects and operations with the ten universally accepted principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, and adopt measures based on the SDG Agenda 2030. We are working towards carbon neutrality.

Cliente contenta | Happy customer
Client's People

We work with ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) criteria in our technology, and we practice SRI (Socially Responsible Investment). We’re the first company to obtain the CCII éTICa Seal for establishing specific policies for ethical development of our professional activity in projects.

Trabajadora de tecalis | Tecalis employee
Tecalis People

Wellbeing is a priority at Tecalis. We defend Human Rights with specific equality and diversity policies. We’re leaders in corporate volunteering at the top of the rankings of socially responsible companies. Our human capital is the star of the company's CSR work.

Corporate Policies

Code of Ethics

Our set of values, principles, and criteria that guides our professional practice make us the first company to obtain the éTICa Seal.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Regulatory compliance at all times, under all circumstances, and in all regions is the basis for our work with the highest standards of responsibility. We ensure security and transparency in all our projects.

Quality Policy

By implementing, validating, and standardizing specific methodologies in our Quality Management System (QMS), we establish controls to meet the highest-quality standards.

Provider Policy

Our suppliers and providers’ integrity and compliance in terms of labor, taxes, human rights, data protection, security, confidentiality, and environmental protection are mandatory.

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Tecalis on the media

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