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Proctoring: Online education and training with the best experience and guarantees

Educational institutions at all levels of education as well as training businesses, eLearning platforms or certification agencies are taking advantage of the best EdTech solutions to create a digital education model based on a key matter: setting students and their academic needs at the center.

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Backoffice, admin, student front end, control and monitoring, certification and immutability.

Assess and exam by providing an incredible experience with non-intrusive methods and complying with the highest technical and legal standards

All-in-OneEasy integrationAI SupervisionPay Per Use

Scale your company by ensuring a smooth customer experience from start to finish.

Improve customer loyalty and reduce friction. Make your processes seamless, compliant, and secure.

Save time and costs. On-site and exams with digital devices or completely online

All-in-one solution fully integrated within your learning platform for any level of education and in compliance with the highest law standards and GDPR. Exams without friction with a unique experience.



Artificial intelligence, biometrics and official sealing for assessment tests and exams. 


Avoid risk

No more cheating, impersonation or fraud in the evaluation process.


Build trust

Officialize your certificates and evaluations with a Trust Services Provider and RegTech expert.

Trusted by top companies

Agility, security and simplicity for a successful educational experience

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