BFSI challenges: Fraud and customer experience

The current outlook is decisive: we are at a key moment in which the industry is divided between those who are leading growth in customer numbers and those who are finding it difficult to be sustainable. However, we are finding how this area is tending towards a certain convergence given the synergies enabled by new ways of doing banking, insurance and financial services and the new regulatory framework that is to come.

This industry overview identifies the key points to work on and build upon in order to build a sustainable and effective BFSI business model.

BFSI Challenges cover

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Investments & FinTech

What are those who achieve objectives doing right? From aggressive marketing strategies focused on acquisition to innovations in onboarding, acquisition, and retention processes have changed. Let’s analyze what strategies are actually working, the profitability of these actions, and how to perform them with scalable systems to reach zero fraud and penalties.

Use cases in Insurance

A review of the current state of the banking, financial, investment services and insurance industries. Find out what customers demand and the needs of today's users as well as the ways to attract them.


The way of doing banking or insurance is no longer the same. From regulatory compliance to the customer journey through the entire business operations, we are in a new reality. Find out how leaders have adapted.


Will there be certainty in the near future? Whatever the environment, there are BFSI business models that are resilient to change and are leveraging it to grow. Discover the techniques and technologies they use.

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