Trading & Crypto

RegTech solutions to boost the industry

Trading & Crypto


estimated increase is expected for the security and verification budgets in trading and cryptocurrencies by 2023


of users surveyed would want to invest in cryptocurrencies and investments if the platforms had more legal backing.


of users indicate that they don’t have a feeling of complete security when using trading platforms.

Exponential growth thanks to a scalable model.

Onboard customers in any market while meeting the most demanding regulations and standards and giving your users the best possible experience with a renewed and comprehensive product and service offer.

Tecalis incorporates a pay-per-use solution adapted to the trading and cryptocurrency sector, allowing you to add new clients from anywhere in the world with the support of a Trusted Third Party.

  • Builds trust and establishes agile processes

    Users won’t notice any changes. Complying with the most demanding standards is as simple as integrating an agile solution that won’t compromise the experience you want to give. Best of all, this integration can be done in minutes.

    Communicate assurance and confidence without sacrificing productivity or efficiency. Discover how the industry is expanding and embracing new horizons.

    Trading & Crypto
  • Be scalable and operate in any market

    Expand your product and service portfolio with the best solutions. Discover all that the best RegTech has to offer, beyond assured compliance.

    Boost productivity and creativity by holistically implementing the most powerful tools.

    Trading & Crypto
  • Know Your Customer and AML to comply

    Perform onboarding at the highest level and comply with the policies that your industry requires. Establish anti-fraud controls with the latest technology and close transactions in seconds.

    We’ll take care of the rest. Generate proof and your users’ trace the journey. Tecalis is responsible for what can happen for only one reason: our solutions’ reliability.

    Trading & Crypto

What can we do together?

Crypto transaction monitoring, wallet opening, industry blockchain needs, and automated analytics and reporting are crucial operations for cryptocurrency trading and exchanges. Discover a part of what Tecalis can do for you:



Onboard new customers, from anywhere, at any time, in any market with AML and KYC.

Authentication and client area

Authentication and client area

A multi-factor SCA strategy for every case. Any method, including biometrics.

Anti-Fraud Controls

Anti-Fraud Controls

Establish controls that are adapted to each process and use case.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Count on an expert FinTech partner for the financial services that you want to offer.



Close contracting processes with complete documentation and friction-free. The best electronic signature.



Manage everything related to conditions and additional insurance. Offer new products.

RPA Bots

RPA Bots

Automate human tasks in a user interface. Error-free, secure, and guaranteed.

Sending data

Sending data

Automatic connection with the systems of institutions receiving ID information.

BFSI Industry Report 2022-23

Our experience - coupled with that of our clients - has resulted in a comprehensive overview of industry trends, practices and challenges.

Are the leaders' acquisition techniques working? We analyzed the best proposals and how BFSIs are approaching their processes to achieve their business goals.

Convergence and diversification capabilities have marked these key areas for economy. Discover the KPIs to expect today for businesses in the industry and what to expect from the market in the near future.

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Building the future of the economy together

Integrate a cross-channel solution into any system without negatively impacting your web or app platforms. Rely on a RegTech partner for cryptographic licensing and know its implications, taking advantage where others see impediments.

  • Provides an agile and integrated onboarding experience.
  • Automates crucial operations that are error-free with maximum security.
  • Back up your activity with a trusted third party.

Tecalis adapts and integrates 100% to your systems and brand

Use the best control panel on the market for an electronic signature solution or integrate our API and easily connect with your tools.

Offer your users a first-class UX/UI experience and convey the image you wish. Branding, design and communication of operations according to your brand.

Tecalis integrations

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