eIDAS 2: The new European Digital Identity impact

eIDAS 2 Regulation has been approved by EU member states and parliamentary groups in the European Parliament. This new form and framework will impact how citizens and businesses in the European Union interact with each other.

In this ebook, you will find all the changes around its approval and the scope of its immediate implementation. We will analyze how both citizens and companies can use all the advantages offered by eIDAS 2.

eidas2 how will impact to citizens and companies

Why do you need to know the impact of eIDAS2

The new understanding of digital identity in eIDAS 2 is expected to promote economic value creation by facilitating access to goods and services, as well as reduce the costs associated for businesses with electronic identification and authentication procedures thanks to even more agile and powerful RegTech solutions.

Find out all the details to adapt you as soon as possible:

repercusión eIDAS 2 y EUDI
eIDAS 2 Regulation

We explain all the keys to understand the new version of the eIDAS regulation, the main changes it will involve, and the roadmap with the key dates of the standard.

EUDI Wallet

The EU digital identity wallet is the system proposed by eIDAS2. What features and applications will it have? How will it work? We answer all your questions about the new EUDI wallet.

Retos y oportunidades de eIDAS2
Challenges and opportunities

We show you real use cases for the eIDAS 2 EUDI wallet, as well as the impact it will have on trust service providers.

Discover how the new eIDAS2 regulation will affect you