How to choose an electronic signature solution

Companies adopting electronic signature solutions reduce document handling expenses by 85%. From a higher level of security to reducing risks and building a better customer experience, choosing the right electronic signature provider can help you accelerate your business growth.

Reading our guide will help you determine the key features to wisely choosing the solution that best fits your goals. Download it now!

Cover eBook Electronic Signature

Why you need to consider these key points

The use of electronic signatures has a decisive influence on decisive factors for the correct functioning of a company, the development of its activity, key operations and the relationship it maintains with its customers, employees and suppliers. 

This mini-book will allow you to discern the main points to consider when choosing a signature solution. An exclusive guide where you will find detailed information about:

Tecalis integrations and compatibility
Signature options

What type of signature should I choose for my use case?, what support does each one have?, do my clients feel comfortable with it?


Will I be able to do everything I need to do within the platform?, How do the electronic signature tools work?, Is it updated?


Can I integrate the solution into my systems in minutes?, if I don't have systems, can I still use it?, is my brand represented?, is my brand represented?

Discover the electronic signature solution that best suits your needs