Telco Overview 2023-2024. Sales channel transformation

Players in the telecommunications industry are going through a decisive time to successfully define the approach they bring to the market. In a complex, changing and competitive background, making the right decisions is the only way to be relevant, grow and not fail to achieve goals.

This industry overview identifies the key points to work on and build upon in order to set a sustainable and effective telecom business model.

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Why do you need to consider these key points?

What are the expected KPIs for a profitable player in the industry? Lagging behind is no longer an option. Learn how leaders are addressing end-to-end management of proprietary and alternative channels to optimize conversion and product activation, every aspect of after-sales and scalable systems to achieve zero fraud and penalties.

Exclusive data and information where you will find a detailed perspective on:

Contracting and onboarding in Telecom industry
Present time

A review of the current state of the market, the demands and needs of today's consumers, and acquisition models.


The challenges telecom businesses are facing and the technologies that are responding to them. How to achieve it without risk and in a sustainable way.

Future time

Where is the industry headed? An exploration of what the leaders will be doing in 2023 and what trends to expect.

Get an overview of the situation