Comprehensive management of the contracting cycle

Product and service contracting or critical deal closure should be a dynamic process where both parties enjoy a comfortable and secure experience. Perform all processes on the same platform, in an integrated way, and with every imaginable option.

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Management of contracting infographic

Simple, advanced, biometric, OTP, certificated or KYC signature.

Before, during and after. Make the signing process a unique experience for both your teams and users


Discover a new way of doing business and closing deals

Get a complete view of what a contracting cycle, acceptance of conditions, certified communication or negotiation of agreements should be. Make the leap to a model that will transform your organization and how it engages with users. 

Learn here how to design a journey focused on closing transactions at record-breaking speed, and with the best guarantee.

Trust Services Provider

Let a RegTech security expert take responsibility for sensitive processes.

Agile implementation

Integrate an esignature, identity verification and certified communication solution in an incredibly simple way.

Custody and documentation

Collect and store ID documentation or create audit reports easily.

What our customers say

Perfect traveling companions for digital projects, due to their agility and complicity with the business.
Ignacio Ceña
Head of Operations - O2
Our strategy boils down to the speed with which we implement innovative and high-quality solutions, which is why we rely on Tecalis.
Juan M. Guijarro
Chief Engineer - Dormakaba
Tecalis technology provides the guarantees we need for large-scale international e-signature processes, especially in terms of identity verification.
Inmaculada Gutiérrez
Renfe-Operadora International Chief
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