A solid KYB system and its performance

Whether for business models in which B2B operations are essential for their activity or for those who need a quick verification for a Due Diligence process, up-to-date KYB technology is determinant in the current context.

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What kind of documentation can the best systems analyze? The most advanced OCR adapts to KYB requirements.

Discover what the best KYB tools can do for your business

Costs and scalability
Electronic Signature
User Journey
Reliable technology

Forget complexity. Go for the future

Entrust a decisive process for your business to a Trust Services Provider and RegTech partner capable of offering you a ready-to-use pay-per-use tool. How does SaaS KYB work?

UBO verification

Connect your system with the most relevant lists in the industry or analyze negative appearances in digital media.

Agile experience

Reduce time from days to minutes. Set up a fast, conversion-focused system. More business operations in less time.

Configurable KYB Flow

Request information and data needed for a comprehensive KYB. Adapt the platform to the use case.

What our customers say

Perfect traveling companions for digital projects, due to their agility and complicity with the business.
Ignacio Ceña
Head of Operations - O2
Our strategy boils down to the speed with which we implement innovative and high-quality solutions, which is why we rely on Tecalis.
Juan M. Guijarro
Chief Engineer - Dormakaba
Tecalis technology provides the guarantees we need for large-scale international e-signature processes, especially in terms of identity verification.
Inmaculada Gutiérrez
Renfe-Operadora International Chief
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