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Tecalis NFC Document Verification: Error-free guarantee

Verify the authenticity of customer, supplier or employee documents anytime, anywhere, with the support of a RegTech partner to endorse the process.

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Tecalis NFC Document Verification uses the power of our best-selling KYC and Anti-Fraud Controls solutions to work rigorously and efficiently.

Agile KYC identity verification anywhere

Mitigate risk, prevent fraud, and boost operations

No matter the level of risk of the operation. Be able to carry out operations at any time and place. Forget post confirmations, bureaucracy, and go paperless.

Tecalis NFC Document Verification is especially useful in cases of face-to-face sales and contracting, generating legal validity in operations of all kinds. 

Friction generated by complex and lengthy verification processes creates high churn rates and contracting closure losses. Own a solution designed for conversion and growth.



Use the application in all your commercial channels and physical locations in a coordinated way.



A design made to verification a comfortable, fast, and reliable process.



Tecalis NFC Document Verification is currently available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Trusted by top companies

Get Tecalis NFC Document Verification now, the application based on our Identity Verification technology, the comprehensive KYC system that has scaled up businesses and organizations in all industries

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