Face-to-face channel
Call Center

The ultimate tool for your team

Enable new use cases and motivate sales reps in your direct and indirect channels. Give them everything they need to close and manage customers faster and simpler.

call center

Boost conversion rates

Effortlessly customize the perfect product or tariff for your client with just a few clicks. Confirm the operation's feasibility, onboard new users, and manage ongoing tasks with ease.

  • Real-time document capture and processing.
  • Easily e-sign contracts or trigger payments. 
  • Anti-fraud and GDPR compliance.
  • Automatic order generation with pricing, taxes, and rebates.
Contracting process

Enhance your sales strategy

Rev up your sales and productivity by automating your orders, training your agents, and streamlining operations through our gamified portal that motivates with incentives.

  • Our tool seamlessly integrates with your call center systems.
  • Communicate with your managers and colleagues.
  • Customized workflows tailored to your unique market strategy.
  • Manage KPIs and incentive programs with ease.
sales agent's goals

Building loyalty with exceptional service

Empower your agents with the necessary tools and information to promptly address customer requests. Keep tabs on the status of open tickets and modify them as needed.

  • Manage customer inquiries promptly with tickets and timely responses.
  • Bring all your operations under one roof with seamless integration.
  • Use KYC to transform your business remotely.
  • Full POS back office and inventory management.
aftersales process
Objetivos ventas | Sales goals
Sales Agents

Elevate your agent’s output with directed workflows and real-time data on sales, activity, projections, tasks, and inventory levels.

Alerts to contact with customers
Activity Tracking

Analyze unsuccessful sales meetings to find causes and schedule new appointments for follow-up to boost conversions.

análisis factura | invoice analysis
Secure payments, checkout and billing

Prevent fraudulent activities by verifying serial numbers and effortlessly create orders that include accurate pricing, taxes, and rebates.

Inventory closing
Inventory at the POS

Centralize inventory management with wholesaler-branded digital delivery notes and automated product availability checks.

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