Tecalis add-ons

Adopt cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead, expand reach, and enter new markets.

Identity verification
KYC Identity Verification

Enroll and sell your services online, over the phone, or in-person in over 190 countries.

document collection
KYB Validations

Collect, store, and verify invoices and contracts for portability or high-risk processes.

bank scoring
Scoring & Due Diligence

Find your ideal customers through AML checks, PSD2 bank connections, or UBO verification integrated with over 500 public and private databases.

electronic signature
Electronic Signature

Achieve paperless contracts and payments by instantly generating digital copies of complex processes with full legal validity through a QTSP.


Automate sales, POS management, and billing to ensure optimal performance.

certified email
Certified communications

Send electronic notifications to inform of high, low, or receipt levels in accordance with applicable regulations.

web portal
Sales Portal

Integrate Tecalis into your online point of sale and empower your customers to activate their services in real-time using APIs.

different sales channels
Flexible contracting

Flexible sales models with configurators for each channel and device: attended, semi-attended, or 100% unattended.

electronic invoice
Electronic Billing

Easily issue, send, and validate digital bills with eIDAS proof of validity for added convenience and security.

Certificados | Certificates
Anti-Fraud and Compliance

Reduce the risk of regulatory penalties with our top-notch controls that comply with the most rigorous standards.

biometric authentication
SCA Authentication

Provide customers with secure access to perform sensitive operations within their own personalized portals.

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