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Tecalis RPA: Design a successful automation journey

For both experienced IT teams and non-digitized users, Tecalis RPA and UiPath deliver a versatile and scalable platform to transform your model in days without compromising your organization.

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Automatización | Automation
Automation journey

Integrate it with any existing technology and tool, in working environments designed for humans.

Make RPA the way you and your teams want it to be

Automation Journey
Customer Journey
End-to-end platform

Automate and set your business on autopilot, 24/7/365. Error-free

Time and resources saving is the key for the sustainability and growth for any business. Use simple flowcharts with every conceivable option to make everything work the way it should have always done.

Design new flows and processes previously unthinkable and lead the market with a competitive offer capable of being constantly updated to face any change.

SaaS and On Premise

A powerful and easy pay-per-use solution. Tecalis RPA scales with you.


Do not let your employees become bots. Boost their productivity and creativity so they can focus on what's important.


Run Tecalis whether you do not have digital tools or if you already use ERP, CRM, CMS, BPM or any other proprietary application.

What our customers say

Perfect traveling companions for digital projects, due to their agility and complicity with the business.
Ignacio Ceña
Head of Operations - O2
Our strategy boils down to the speed with which we implement innovative and high-quality solutions, which is why we rely on Tecalis.
Juan M. Guijarro
Chief Engineer - Dormakaba
Tecalis technology provides the guarantees we need for large-scale international e-signature processes, especially in terms of identity verification.
Inmaculada Gutiérrez
Renfe-Operadora International Chief
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