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AutoSIM: What should have always been

Issuing, duplicating and activating SIM cards for both prepaid and new flat-rate services are key processes for any telecom. It is the foundation on which a new customer's first experience is built.

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It's over. SIM Swapping is no longer a possibility thanks to a foolproof solution.

Deliver a fast, convenient and tailored process

Simplicity for your users and organization

Time-to-market reductions in new offer deployments has more than doubled.  SIM swapping and sanctions are issues that remain in the past. The best solutions not only deter but prevent fraud before it can be committed.


Telecom Expertise

Let a digital industry expert take care of key processes to lead.

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Time and cost

Save and turn your model into a more scalable one with a SaaS solution that does not impact your IT teams.


Tailored interface

Users won't notice anything. Perform the process within your customer journey, frictionless.

Trusted by top companies

Avoid unnecessary waits and improve the relationship with your users

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