IT Operations

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IT Operations


of professionals in the area rank cloud technologies number one in terms of relevance


of businesses will be using digital platforms by 2024


of projects initially planned in IT departments are abandoned

It’s the best of both worlds: choose how you want Tecalis to impact your organization

You can implement an agile and simple end-to-end platform in days, or we can design an ad-hoc project for your business together.

  • Software and Platform as a Service

    Pay most advanced technological tools on your terms. A scalable solution that adapts to the needs of your business and your customers, growing with them in a moldable way.

    At Tecalis, we built a tool that’s as powerful as you need it to be. We  drive the most ambitious digital transformation projects for leaders in industries across the board. Talk with us.

    IT Operations
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    We use the most avant-garde and updated technology. We innovate to grow, acting as a a reference among the developer community. We only accept high-tech projects based on the profession’s best practices.

    Our teams work without fear of failure. Tecalis has created a culture that impacts each and every project component. We believe that a happy project is a successful project, with happy, committed, and talented teams.

    IT Operations
  • Identification and Biometrics Services

    Implementing solutions based on facial biometrics has been a turning point for many businesses and institutions. This increasingly widespread technology is consolidating a new model.

    In a complex environment where identity fraud is commonplace, identification services are enabling businesses to meet the most demanding technical and regulatory standards in order to operate in any market and under any risk level.

    IT Operations

What can we achieve together?

Anything. Yes, it's that simple. Let us show you how tecalis technologies can impact your organization or propose a digital development project to design with us the future.



Pay-per-use. Integrate affordable technology into any of your processes without paying extra.



Create a cross-channel experience throughout your organization in a simple and agile manner.

Automation - RPA

Automation - RPA

Automate tasks and focus on what's important. Let an error-less solution do the work.



Customer-focused, data-driven business unit integration. RPA to achieve maximum performance.



Encrypt and generate electronic proof with the best practices in IT security with qualified seals.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate AI in an automatic and scalable way to drive actions that influence business and customer interactions.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants

Interactive bots that offer valuable segmented information based on query history.



Integrate systems in days. Connect with third parties and implement tools in record time.

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Transform your model

Be proactive instead of reactive. Leave something that would take you months to implement in the care of experts. Revamp your organization around in days or weeks.

  • Expand to other markets and operate with confidence.
  • Grow and expand your business without worries. 
  • Take advantage of the regulatory framework.

Tecalis adapts and integrates 100% to your systems and brand

Use the best control panel on the market for an electronic signature solution or integrate our API and easily connect with your tools.

Offer your users a first-class UX/UI experience and convey the image you wish. Branding, design and communication of operations according to your brand.

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