March 23, 2022

UiPath Business Partner: Tecalis RPA continues to expand its automation journey

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March 23, 2022


Tecalis has become a UIPath Business Partner thanks to its Tecalis RPA-Automation digital platform. UiPath, a leading company in the development of platforms for robotic automation of processes, joins Tecalis to create a leading proposal for cutting-edge RPA.

According to several Gartner studies, more than 90% of large companies will have adopted some form of RPA solutions by 2023 and the growth of these platforms will have tripled by 2025.

The objective of the UiPath partnerships is to create robotic process automation platforms based on a scalable and comprehensive approach in a robust, qualified and easily adopted way in all markets globally.

Solving the challenges of today's companies requires the integration of cutting-edge automation solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

Tecalis RPA is able to address both perspectives expected in a world-leading automation and integrations solution, something that is beyond the reach of most automation platforms:

- Be affordable and simple, making it possible for any employee, even the least digitized, to run software bots to automate their tasks without any advanced knowledge, unleashing creativity and productivity.

- Be powerful and functional so that the most expert IT teams, if they so desired, could squeeze the most out of the RPA solution and create, for example, a chatbot in a day without complex, costly and time-consuming development projects.

Cost and time savings have enabled companies integrating RPA to lead their sector, regardless of their activity, thanks to digital platforms and innovative, simple and scalable applications, now within the reach of both the largest companies and any SME.

Our experts in digital transformation and Business Process Management analyze business models in the most relevant industries and areas. Discover how RPA can transform you in days without impacting your business or committing to large investments. Schedule a no-obligation meeting here.

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