Asturias, the first Spanish Region to use KYC technology

Caso de éxito con CTA | CTA Case Study

The Principality of Asturias is already the first Autonomous Community of Spain and the first European region to incorporate a Know Your Customer system for the registration of users in its public transport service. The Asturias Transport Consortium (CTA) has chosen Tecalis as a RegTech partner, using its Identity platform to enable an innovative use case in the sector.

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The CTA has launched its CONECTA proposal, thus renewing the image of the public transport Consortium and the overall experience of its users when using the entire network. With this launch, a new mobile application is presented, available for all types of devices and operating systems, which allows users to use and request the new digital and physical cards with NFC technology that identify the user and charge their transport tickets.

Both from the mobile app and from the Consortium's websites and other digital channels, this card can be requested in an absolutely simple way and with the possibility of immediate launch thanks to the implementation of KYC Tecalis technology.

The CONECTA project has also involved the sealing of agreements to reach the current 30 transport zones, which will be increasing. The creation of this single ticket updates the Asturian mobility proposal. It moves from old-fashioned web forms or in-person applications to instant requests and recharges through a variety of digital channels.

Radines López - Technical Director of the CTA - says: "The easy and immediate integration of the Tecalis solution in all our channels has solved one of the challenges we have been facing in recent times: finding simple yet powerful systems without the need to invest in expensive IT projects".

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