June 15, 2022

Introducing the first ID technology for the metaverse: AIT

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June 15, 2022

Actualizado el June 17, 2022


Tecalis launched at Centro GáiasTech - an open innovation space that drives the launch of the most disruptive solutions - the first identity verification technology for people and avatars for the metaverse.  

The risks faced in these virtual environments are not very different from those faced by companies and users in the real world. Identity fraud, impersonation, theft or harassment become issues to be resolved in a place where we present ourselves with an altered identity. 

The creation of avatars based on a real identity is crucial to avoid any kind of illicit activity in these digital worlds.

Therefore, the design, creation and implementation of Tecalis Avatar Identity Technology comes to solve all the challenges faced by the different metaverse or related environments that limit their growth and reliability.

Globally conceived and applicable to any platform, this pioneering system addresses, among many others, the following challenges that the metaverse was not yet firmly addressing:

- The automated creation of avatars based on the user's real identity and biometric facial pattern, and adapted to the look-and-feel of the platform in question.

- The identification of avatars that do not correspond to and link them to the real and officialized identity of the controlling user.

- The creation of a transversal and global centralized ID framework system for Web3 and metaverse landscape.

- The implementation of advanced anti-fraud controls and KYC (Know Your Customer) standards in the onboarding of users in target platforms.

- Bringing RegTech tools and regulatory compliance closer to the industry, starting with standardization.

For more further information about this technology, its capabilities, integration models and functionalities you can access the technology and product launch event or contact Tecalis.


Introducing the first ID technology for the metaverse: AIT

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