Tecalis founding team recognized by the prestigious Emprendedores magazine

Isidoro y Alberto son Emprendedores 100 2024 Tecalis

Isidoro Martínez and Alberto Campos have been named Emprendedores100 2024 by the community and leading economic magazine. In its third edition, the magazine Emprendedores (Entrepreneurs) designates the 100 most relevant founders who, due to their professional trajectory and contribution, generate an essential impact on the environment, society and the economic ecosystem.

Emprendedores is the leading media in economics and business in Spain, which addresses the crucial news and events occurring at the level of economics and business management. It analyzes the most important trends and business opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, franchises, SMEs, freelancers and large corporations.

Emprendedores100, a reference community

The main selection criteria for being an Entrepreneur100 in this edition consisted of the forecast of entrepreneurs who are going to have a decisive impact on the economy and society in 2024 and until 2030, given their trajectory in the last period analyzed.

The importance of sustainability in the mission or in the very development of the companies undertaken by those selected also influenced the decision of the final filter in those shortlisted companies. The way in which an important interaction with the environment is addressed has been relevant for the final shortlist: creation of quality employment, development of products or services that generate a benefit for the environment or the resolution of relevant economic and social challenges through products or services that did not exist, already having a full impact on society.

About our founders:

Isidoro Martínez Soñora is CEO and founder of Tecalis, he led the birth of the company together with Alberto adopting a bootstrapping approach. His strategic vision has been key to establishing Tecalis as a leader in customer onboarding solutions and trusted e-services, as well as being recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe (FT 1000). Isidoro prioritizes up-to-date technology, outstanding user experience and customer centricity in all operations. In addition, his commitment to ethical and sustainable business growth is reflected in the numerous CSR awards Tecalis has received.

Isidoro Martínez: "Entrepreneurship is the essence of turning a vision into a tangible reality that brings value to the market and society. A process that mixes creativity, analysis and effective resource management. Entrepreneurship means identifying unmet needs and responding with breakthrough solutions, always maintaining a clear balance between the ambition we have and the practical reality of the market in which we compete."

Alberto Campos Viqueria is a computer engineer with a degree from the UDC. His activity as COO of the company and founder has been fundamental to the development of proprietary solutions for Identity Verification (KYC), Electronic Signature and BSS (Customer Hub) that have revolutionized the market. Alberto has recently led the development of system enhancements, as well as the implementation of strategic systems for companies such as Telefónica, Banco Santander, Grupo MásMovil, Orange or the Government of Singapore.

Alberto Campos: "Entrepreneurship is more than starting a business; it is the act of taking risks, pursuing a vision and creating something meaningful. It is an exciting and challenging journey that involves creativity, resilience and the willingness to constantly learn."


Trust, identity and automation services

Tecalis creates disruptive digital product to make the most innovative companies grow and evolve. We drive growth and digital transformation processes to bring the future to businesses today.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Video Identity Verification, Digital Onboarding and Authentication (MFA/2FA) solutions and services enable our customers to provide their users with an agile and secure experience.

Our RPA (Robot Process Automation) software enables the creation of sustainable, scalable, productive and efficient business models through BPM (Business Process Management), allowing unlimited growth.


Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature and Certified Communication services (Electronic Burofax) allow customer acquisition, contracting and acceptance processes that used to take days or weeks to be completed and approved in minutes or seconds.

Customer Onboarding (eKYC), Digital Signature (eSignature) services and Automated Fraud Prevention are making it possible for companies to operate online and without borders.


As an EU-certified Trust Services Provider and an established RegTech partner, we help organizations comply with the most demanding regulatory standards in their sector and region, including AML (Anti-Money Laundering), eIDAS (Electronic IDentification, Authentication and etrust Services), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) or PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) regulations thanks to Tecalis Anti-Fraud Controls and Document Verification.