Case Study

Multi-channel driver verification for leading mobility platform

The Client

Bip&Drive is the leading platform in Spain, France and Portugal for payment solutions and mobility services for drivers, including electronic tolls, booking and payment of Vehicle Technical Inspections, refueling, on-road catering and parking, among others.

In markets such as Spain, Bip&Drive has established itself as the largest marketplace for drivers, with more than 1.3 million frequent users and 30,000 associated businesses.

bip and drive - verificacion de identidad de conductore
The Challenge

As an Electronic Money Entity, the company must guarantee with extreme compliance the security in all services, with Digital Identity of the Vehicle (detailing attributes) and on the Digital Identity of the Driver. This implies making reliable and contrasted verifications with administrations and governmental data

To make the Smart Contracts that self-execute at the toll plaza binding, adjustments had to be made to the registration, enrollment and contracting process (for pay-per-use, frequent use fee and enterprise). Advanced and functional identity verification is needed for all its markets to comply with current regulatory standards.

The Solution

Previously, the digital onboarding process (registration and contracting) was done via telephone or web, being quite differentiated and with a limited user experience. Users ended up being redirected to a web environment (even those who were being attended via call-center or those who accessed through the app, who received a subsequent email that was not always continuous).

Tecalis identity verification solution configures an end-to-end flow in the same channel. The collection and validation of identity documentation is dynamic and works on any type of document (DNI, NIE, ID Card, Green Card, Passport, etc.) without the need to previously specify which one it is and with the most exhaustive controls in each of the 3 countries.

bip and drive - verificacion de identidad
Why Tecalis

Especially when offering a wide range of products and services, it is essential to have verification methods that validate and support the operations of platforms that act as a marketplace ecosystem. RegTech technologies fully impact the possibility of innovation and scalability in business models, compliance with new regulations and the reduction of operational costs and processing times.

Tecalis KYC identity verification offers a combination of advanced technology and manual validation to ensure the authenticity of the documents and the identity of the users, allowing you to do no compromise by intelligently integrating a flow according to the user profile and to do so in any environment (support and channel).

Discover all the details of the project and the evolution of the mobility industry and MaaS models.

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