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Education & Training


of students prefer a blended or online educational experience over a face-to-face one.


savings in costs and time with the use of digital tools for education.



of organizations will use holistic digital platforms by 2023.

Create a safe, agile, and friendly environment for everyone.

Teachers, students, administrative, and corporate professionals win when the most disruptive technology is implemented in a simple way, on a daily basis.

Think you've seen it all in the education technology sector? Find out how the most innovative solutions are growing educational institutions and platforms in a surprising way.

  • Onboard new students in minutes

    Register, identify and grant access to your educational platforms in minutes with a simple solution. Best of all, these solutions can be implemented without negatively impacting your IT and systems teams. 

    Integrate an affordable, pay-per-use platform for dozens of use cases in the training and education sector. We evolve with you without compromises or large outlays.

    Education & Training
  • Proctoring: effective technology for remote exams

    Evaluate your students with an all-in-one proctoring solution based on the most advanced technologies used by leading companies and institutions.

    Artificial intelligence, biometrics, and official sealing at the service of assessment tests. Ask for information about Tecalis proctoring solutions.

    Education & Training
  • Zero bureaucracy, agile processes and cost savings

    Transform complex and slow processes into simple and fast ones. Boost your organization’s productivity by using the best digital solutions for the education sector. 

    Certify your educational institution’s activity with the support of a RegTech partner that helps you digitally validate your certificates and operations.

    Education & Training

What can we do together?

We designed a comprehensive platform designed for all aspects that involve companies and institutions in the education and training area. Check out some EdTech use cases developed by Tecalis:



Evaluates and examines with the best possible guarantees while giving student an incredible experience.



Sign with the highest support and digitally manage enrollment.

Certified communication

Certified communication

Communicate academic program or fee changes through any legally supported channel.

Attendance confirmation

Attendance confirmation

Certify student or teacher online and on-site attendance and certify that they are attentive with IA.

eLearning platforms

eLearning platforms

Enroll new students in seconds with the best onboarding solution.



Innovate your academic proposal with the best technological solutions.

Scholarship granting

Scholarship granting

Validate information and protect yourself from fraud with the best verifications.

TFG/TGM Tribunals

TFG/TGM Tribunals

Certify everything that has taken place in a special educational session of any kind.

Proctoring: avhieving a new eLearning level

Currently, there is only one obstacle to remote education and training having the same guarantees and support as face-to-face education: verification.

What's more, it is even possible to achieve a higher level than it. In a totally legal way that does not generate reluctance among users.

Discover in this exclusive content all the keys to an online teaching model that attracts more students, guarantees their certifications and optimizes costs.

Download this exclusive content here ➜

Tecalis integrations
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Provides the training of the future, today

Integrate a cross-channel solution into any system without negatively impacting your web or app platforms. Grow by complying with the most demanding standards and providing updated services to your students.

  • Keep fraud and phishing at bay.
  • Automate administrative tasks to be more productive.
  • Back up your activity with a trusted third party.

Tecalis adapts and integrates 100% to your systems and brand

Use the best control panel on the market for an electronic signature solution or integrate our API and easily connect with your tools.

Offer your users a first-class UX/UI experience and convey the image you wish. Branding, design and communication of operations according to your brand.

Tecalis integrations

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