Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding of customers, employees and businesses. Automated onboarding of new users is changing the way a competitive organization is built. KYC, KYB and KYE are coming together to drive companies towards their maximum growth. In this category you will find:

  • Know Your Business: Discover how to onboard partners, suppliers and businesses in days, including due diligence.
  • Know Your Customer: Register new users and collect their documentation so they can sign up for any product or service in minutes, with immediate activation.
  • Know Your Employee: Establish strategies to attract and retain the best talent in full-remote and face-to-face environments.

The way your users interact with your organization can change in just days. Learn about the techniques and tools that are making companies more productive, effective and sustainable.

what is OCR technology
agent portal for motivated sales reps
customer portal | serf-service portal | create self-activation flows
how to contract a insurance policy with electronic signature
insurance contract | insurance law
Workers using OSS BSS systems in a telco business
a POS worker
Client - Company closing a deal
Person using Tecalis Identity Verification
Hombre filling out KYC Form
Customer doing digital identification
A girl authentication process
haciendo un onboarding de cliente | doing a customer onboarding
Person in metaverse
Acuerdo vinculante | Binding agreement
Cliente contratando servicios | Customer contracting services
woman using Tecalis technology
Cliente pagando online después de un eKYC | Client online paying after an eKYC
Person taking a selfie for KYC
customer doing an onboarding in order to pay
Hombre diseñando en pizarra customer journey de clientes con KYC y firma electrónica | Man designing his client's customer journey with KYC and eSignature


Controles Anti-Blanqueo pagando con tarjeta de crédito | Anti-Money Laundering controls paying with credit card
Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
Person using his credit card online