Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding of customers, employees and businesses. Automated onboarding of new users is changing the way a competitive organization is built. KYC, KYB and KYE are coming together to drive companies towards their maximum growth. In this category you will find:

  • Know Your Business: Discover how to onboard partners, suppliers and businesses in days, including due diligence.
  • Know Your Customer: Register new users and collect their documentation so they can sign up for any product or service in minutes, with immediate activation.
  • Know Your Employee: Establish strategies to attract and retain the best talent in full-remote and face-to-face environments.

The way your users interact with your organization can change in just days. Learn about the techniques and tools that are making companies more productive, effective and sustainable.

The 3 major challenges of KYC: User experience, regulation updates and unified contracting processes
KYC Form: Know Your Customer Process Requirements and Documents
Authentication: Processes, methods and systems in any platform or business
Onboarding of employees, customers, and companies. How it works and key tools
Metaverse: what it is, the role of identity in it and what it will look like
Know Your Business (KYB) in depth. What it is and how it can boost your operations
Customer Onboarding: A successful customer journey for acquisition boost
Identity verification: What it is, types of systems and how it works
electronic Know Your Customer: what is eKYC and how is it applied?
Face recognition software: uses, applications and technology
Digital onboarding: What is it and how do customer and user onboarding work?
Securing the Customer Journey through 360 Solutions: KYC, eSignature, and Automation


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