Customer Hub for sales

The Customer Hub is a platform for managing all your channels, brands and products. We show you how it helps you create an omnichannel experience that scales and optimizes by adapting to the growth of new markets, industries and business models. In this category you will find:

  • Front-end for agents and points of sale (face-to-face channel and call center)
  • Intelligent assisted sales portal (online channel)
  • Advanced business management center (admin panel)

Find out how this tool is making companies more productive, efficient and sustainable.

What is eProcurement
agent portal for motivated sales reps
customer portal | serf-service portal | create self-activation flows


Controles Anti-Blanqueo pagando con tarjeta de crédito | Anti-Money Laundering controls paying with credit card
Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
Person using his credit card online