Identity Verification

Identity verification of customers, employees, suppliers and users is critical to any business. Identity fraud is one of the most pressing challenges facing businesses in all industries, both online and offline. In this category you will find information about:

  • KYC, onboarding and induction processes for any user.
  • Biometrics standards for voice and facial recognition.
  • AML techniques linked to the verification of users' identity documentation.

Online and digital identity verification in seconds made possible by AI and ML assisted streaming video identification. Now with active and passive reocognition and proof of life, regulatory support is complete.

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Hombre diseñando en pizarra customer journey de clientes con KYC y firma electrónica | Man designing his client's customer journey with KYC and eSignature
Persona haciéndose un selfie para hacer un proceso KYC | Person taking a selfie to do a KYC process


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Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
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