Identity Verification

Identity verification of customers, employees, suppliers and users is critical to any business. Identity fraud is one of the most pressing challenges facing businesses in all industries, both online and offline. In this category you will find information about:

  • KYC, onboarding and induction processes for any user.
  • Biometrics standards for voice and facial recognition.
  • AML techniques linked to the verification of users' identity documentation.

Online and digital identity verification in seconds made possible by AI and ML assisted streaming video identification. Now with active and passive reocognition and proof of life, regulatory support is complete.

Financial professional reviewing a digital invoice
Digital Invoice: what it is, how to send it with e-certificate and its legal obligations
Someone paying with his eWallet
Wallets: What is a Digital eWallet and how do they work?
Accessing into a building
Access control: what is an access system, how does it work and its security?
man using his digital identity
Digital Identity in 2023. Systems, applications and companies
Girl verifying her identity
Industry trends 2023-2025: eSignature and digital identification
Person using Tecalis Identity Verification
The 3 major challenges of KYC: User experience, regulation updates and unified contracting processes
Person digitally identifying with smartphone
Digital and Electronic Identification: What it is, systems and applications by industry
Blog: Multi-factor Authentication
Multi-factor authentication: secure access solutions and systems
Hombre filling out KYC Form
KYC Form: Know Your Customer Process Requirements and Documents
Customer doing digital identification
Digital customer identification: online identity verification
Systems for having the most high security with 2FA verification
Two-Step Authentication: Systems and tools to enable 2FA verification
A girl authentication process
Authentication: Processes, methods and systems in any platform or business
Person using his credit card online
How does PSD2 affect businesses? Regulation for EU & UK online payments services
Person taking a selfie for a KYC process
KYC in 2023 will be different. Applications in banking and other industries
Teacher in an online lesson following a EdTech methodology
EdTech: Educational technology for assurance and results
haciendo un onboarding de cliente | doing a customer onboarding
Onboarding of employees, customers, and companies. How it works and key tools
Woman sending a voicemail
What is voice biometrics? Applications, types and commercial uses
Person in metaverse
Metaverse: what it is, the role of identity in it and what it will look like
Person with cash
Crypto exchanges and KYC on leading platforms
Person verifying identity
Know Your Client (KYC) processes to grow and be compliant
People checking documentation with a laptop
Due Diligence: KYB and KYC for safer clients and companies
Person accessing to virtual campus
What is proctoring? Online testing and evaluation with guarantees
Acuerdo vinculante | Binding agreement
Know Your Business (KYB) in depth. What it is and how it can boost your operations
Método de autenticarse | Authenticate method
SCA: Strong Customer Authentication. More autonomous and secure customers
Signing a doc in a laptop
Advanced electronic signature: what is it, which one to choose and how does it work?
Change of SIM card
SIM Swapping: Tools for secure mirroring and activation and other use cases
woman using Tecalis technology
Identity verification: What it is, types of systems and how it works
Cliente pagando online después de un eKYC | Client online paying after an eKYC
electronic Know Your Customer: what is eKYC and how is it applied?
Person taking a selfie for KYC
Face recognition software: uses, applications and technology
customer doing an onboarding in order to pay
Digital onboarding: What is it and how do customer and user onboarding work?
Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
eIDAS 2: changes, opportunities and implications for digital ID wallets
Hombre diseñando en pizarra customer journey de clientes con KYC y firma electrónica | Man designing his client's customer journey with KYC and eSignature
Securing the Customer Journey through 360 Solutions: KYC, eSignature, and Automation
Persona haciéndose un selfie para hacer un proceso KYC | Person taking a selfie to do a KYC process
KYC: What is Know Your Customer. In-depth analysis


Controles Anti-Blanqueo pagando con tarjeta de crédito | Anti-Money Laundering controls paying with credit card
AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Controls: Requirements, Regulation, and Implementation
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Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
eIDAS 2: changes, opportunities and implications for digital ID wallets
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Person using his credit card online
How does PSD2 affect businesses? Regulation for EU & UK online payments services
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