Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been going on for decades, but it is only now that scalable cloud platforms are triggering a second digitization in companies across all industries. Cutting-edge technological developments are capable of solving today's most pressing challenges. Find out more:

  • What trends await us and which players are going to take a decisive role in transforming organizations.
  • How IT departments should act in the current environment, facing change supported by startups.
  • All about key technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biometrics, platforms, big data, IoT, cloud services, SaaS, PaaS and much more.

The technology projects that have led the best companies to a leadership position are not those large, expensive and complex, but implementations with tight time-to-market, agile, capable and powerful scalable models and cutting-edge tools.

Banking industry: trends and key facts
what certified email is
What Certified SMS is
eidas2 | eidas 2
EUDI - eu digital identity wallet - eidas2
Insurance Trends: Keys and conclusions for a changing insurance industry
insurance sector
agent portal for motivated sales reps
customer portal | serf-service portal | create self-activation flows
insurance news | insurance trends 2024
insurance industry | industry changes, insurance companies and market
SMEs and freelancers using tools and applications, sales and accounting software
Workers using OSS BSS systems in a telco business
Management Center Customer Hub
Person who wants to write a contract with AlisGPT
how to digitally sign a pdf
a POS worker
Utilities & Telecoms: Its convergence
Someone paying with his eWallet
customer of a telephone company
Client - Company closing a deal
Telephone store
Optimizing processes in a meeting
man using his digital identity
Person using Online Signature in a smartphone
Girl exploring fraud attempts for their prevention in 2024
Person trying a digital spoofing
Intelligent city skyline
Clase online con metodología eLearning | Online lesson with eLearning methodology
Carsharing mobile app with pick up points
Lawyer reviewing documentation
Someone stealing an identity
Teacher in an online lesson following a EdTech methodology
Real Estate agent showing a flat blueprint
Investment and digital asset management app
Doing a payment via Internet
Insurer posting a new digital insurance offer
Robot & human being collaborating
Change of SIM card
Person taking a selfie for KYC
Hombre diseñando en pizarra customer journey de clientes con KYC y firma electrónica | Man designing his client's customer journey with KYC and eSignature


Controles Anti-Blanqueo pagando con tarjeta de crédito | Anti-Money Laundering controls paying with credit card
Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
Person using his credit card online