Fraud Prevention

Fraud is one of the most pressing risks for any business today. Specifically, identity fraud, impersonation and data theft account for more than 85% of attacks on both users and companies. Establishing automated anti-fraud controls is essential to:

  • Reduce costs and potential penalties as well as provide security to customers.
  • Ensure the sustainability of a business and guarantee its activity under any environment, circumstance or market.
  • Mitigate the impact in case it could not be avoided.

However, thanks to the best trust solutions and the latest RegTech technology, zero fraud can be easily achieved by simply integrating gateways in any process and operation, both internal and external.

10 fraud and identity verification challenges and trends
non repudiation
Accessing into a building
Someone comitting telecom fraud
Closing a deal with a qualified trust service providers
Person using Tecalis Identity Verification
Person digitally identifying with smartphone
Person preventing identity fraud with a PC
closing a deal with trust
Blog: Multi-factor Authentication
Customer doing digital identification
Girl exploring fraud attempts for their prevention in 2024
Person trying a digital spoofing
Convergence in banking, financial services and insurance industries (BFSI)
Systems for having the most high security with 2FA verification
A girl authentication process
Person using his credit card online
Boy performing a Know Your Client KYC Process in 2024
Someone stealing an identity
Persona calculating risks in a laptop
Woman sending a voicemail
Person with cash
Document with FATF recommendations
Person verifying identity
People checking documentation with a laptop
Public Administration room
Person accessing to virtual campus
Acuerdo vinculante | Binding agreement
RegTech reports in a laptop
Person paying while complying with AML6
Change of SIM card
Cliente pagando online después de un eKYC | Client online paying after an eKYC
Firma Electrónica cumpliendo con eIDAS | Electronic Signature complying with eIDAS
Controles Anti-Blanqueo pagando con tarjeta de crédito | Anti-Money Laundering controls paying with credit card
Persona haciéndose un selfie para hacer un proceso KYC | Person taking a selfie to do a KYC process


Controles Anti-Blanqueo pagando con tarjeta de crédito | Anti-Money Laundering controls paying with credit card
Changes in security and digital regulations with eIDAS2
Person using his credit card online