How to use ChatGPT: Alis GPT to create digitally signed documents

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    Many users wonder how to use ChatGPT. The use of this chat system is different depending on the context in which we are going to apply it. Artificial intelligence and deep learning are transforming the way certain types of tasks are performed. Whether at the individual level or in companies of all sectors of activity and sizes, this innovative technology is within everyone's reach as it is integrated into some digital products and services.

    Tecalis is committed to innovation and offers, as always, the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to its users and customers. Just as it anticipates regulatory changes to meet new regulatory requirements in all markets and industries, it does the same with the latest versions of state-of-the-art technologies to make the most of advances and apply them to crucial use cases in the economy.

    Tecalis Sign now has the ChatGPT technology through the Alis assistant, with great capacity to help users of the electronic signature platform. In this article, we will see how ChatGPT works, how it is used, and the implementation of this system in the Tecalis product ecosystem.

    How does ChatGPT work?

    Person using CHATGPT

    ChatGPT is a specialized artificial intelligence system that works through inputs and outputs in dialog format. Based on the best GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language models, this chatbot makes use of AI and ML to have the ability to understand and generate human language in a surprisingly natural way. And not only language, but also the creation of specialized documentation. Its operation is based on a vast amount of textual data that allows it to learn patterns, technical and legal information and linguistic structures, enabling it to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses.

    To achieve this, ChatGPT uses a technique called deep learning, which involves highly complex artificial neural networks trained with up-to-date and quality information. These neural networks are trained on huge amounts of text to identify patterns and semantic relationships, as well as the veracity of the information. The result is a system that can generate new and original text based on the context provided, making it a valuable tool for content creation, technical writing, virtual assistance and many, many more business and personal uses.

    How to use ChatGPT

    To use ChatGPT we must go to one of the platforms that facilitate its use. We can find OpenAI's own application, the original developers of the technology, as well as other specialized ones that use the same base to mold the application to other specific uses for relevant use cases.

    ChatGPT is used through various available platforms. In the case of Tecalis, the online signature platform Sign has incorporated ChatGPT technology through the Alis GPT wizard. Alis GPT offers an intuitive and effective way to create legal documents and other types of contractual content through interaction with a visual chat that includes all the advances of using ChatGPT. Users can request the generation of specific and customized documents in an automated manner.

    You can use ChatGPT by accessing the Tecalis electronic signature platform. Just log in to Tecalis Account and look in the "my templates" section. Below we detail what it is, how it works and how to use ChatGPT through Tecalis Sign with the system specifically designed for the creation of Alis GPT documents and contracts:

    Alis GPT: how to use AI for document creation

    Writing a contract with AlisGPT

    Alis GPT is the Tecalis assistant included in the Sign electronic signature platform with which you can interact to obtain documents of all kinds. You can talk to the virtual assistant through a simple and totally visual chat to request that it generate specialized documentation in an automated way.

    Alis GPT system uses ChatGPT core technology to create legal documents of all kinds. Alis is an expert in all industries of activity: banking, financial services, insurance, real estate, legal, sales... In this way, the system will be able to build documentation and contracts adapted to the rules and standards of any sector.

    Tecalis wants its users to be the first to use the innovative ChatGPT technology to send eSignature. Interaction with the wizard is absolutely simple, easy, and fast: both experts and less digitized users will be able to take full advantage of advanced technology.

    Documents can be as simple or as complex as requested by the user. It is important to detail what we want to do with the maximum level of customization to obtain a customized result. This is something simple: for example, indicating to which industry your company belongs, its name, some data of the contract, which annexes you want it to include, indicating the number of parties involved, if you want the document to be drafted in blocks, etc. In this way, the wizard will create the document taking everything into account so that you will have to make as few modifications as possible. The more specific and the more information you provide, the better the result will be.

    In any case, you can instruct it to draw up a generic sales or service contract, confidentiality agreement or acceptance of conditions and then use it to be easily edited with the data of the signatories or the parties involved.

    The ChatGPT technology integrated into Alis GPT includes an expert and updated knowledge of all the regulations and norms applicable in each sector and region at a technical and legal level. Using ChatGPT in this way is like having a legal expert automatically draft your project documents or day-to-day business operations.

    This functionality is integrated within the "Templates" block. Just as you can create and customize templates and layouts, it is possible to automatically generate a document and edit it to send it for digital signature. The document is created instantly and then you can configure the template with the fields you want by creating forms, requesting documentation collection, or even asking Alis GPT to make changes for you and deliver a new and more complete version of the document or contract.

    Below we explain the process of writing a document in an automated way with Alis GPT:

    1. Create an account in Tecalis Account and log in to our product Electronic Signature (Sign). You can do it for free, with a premium trial period, or opt for one of our payment plans.
    2. Access the "My Templates" submenu within the "Templates" functionality.
    3. Click on the purple button at the top left "Generate automatically".
    4. With this, AlisGPT launches and starts working. You can ask it to draft all kinds of documents: from legal information to sales contracts, invoices, or confidentiality agreements. The way to interact with AlisGPT is through a chat.
    5. Make a request to AlisGPT writing in detail what you want him to write. You can ask him, for example: "Write a template for a contract of sale of a vehicle. It must have a table format that includes all the characteristics of the vehicle and all the fields that a purchase-sale contract has, as complete as possible.
    6. AlisGPT will respond directly with the template or with any question or need for clarification. Remember to give as much information as possible and be precise in the request so that the generated document is more complete and of higher quality.
    7. If you are not satisfied with the result, write back in the chat telling him what he has forgotten or in which direction he should redo the contract or document. For example: "Include all the essential clauses in a regular sales contract and further elaborate the document."
    8. When you are satisfied with the document that AlisGPT has written for you, you can click on "Edit by hand" to modify some details or make changes at the structure level (place paragraphs, add spaces, bold, colors, text size, etc.).
    9. Finally, click on "Save to text library" to store the contract in Tecalis under a name. You will be able to return to it when you want to use it in a template or to edit it again. You can also select "Configure template" to directly access the template editor where you can configure the fields to be filled in by the signatories and other options (see section 5 of this Guide "Customize templates and layouts").
    10. Back in the "My Templates" submenu, you will see that there are three sections: "Created by me", "Text Library" and "Template Gallery". You can find it in the second one if you just saved it or in the first one if you have already configured the template.
    11.  To insert elements such as a logo or others, you can do it from the template configurator.
    12. After finalizing your template, make a new submission as we have outlined in section 2 "Submit documents for signature" of this guide to make the signature request for the document that AlisGPT has drafted according to your instructions.

    Alis GPT, the Tecalis wizard using ChatGPT, gives users the ability to create legally binding documents and contracts instantly and accurately. From sales contracts to confidentiality agreements, Alis GPT is able to generate content tailored to each user's specific needs. The underlying ChatGPT technology allows Alis GPT to understand requests and create consistent and correct documents.

    What can Chat GPT do?

    Chat GPT can be used for everything from drafting legal contracts to complex business proposal documents, invoices, or medical records. The applications and use cases for using ChatGPT through integration with Alis are countless.

    ChatGPT can be programmed to analyze data and generate detailed reports in different areas, such as market analysis, financial trends, expertise reports, leasing contracts or sales statistics. This provides a valuable tool for contractual and legal documentation operations in companies and organizations. From supplier agreements to the acquisition of a company, Alis GPT can be used to draft any type of technical and legal content.

    The versatility and breadth of applications of ChatGPT are truly amazing. This artificial intelligence tool is capable of playing a pivotal role in a variety of scenarios and tasks across all industries, opening up a range of possibilities for its use and creating new use cases and development possibilities for many businesses. Below, we will explore some of the areas where ChatGPT can demonstrate its potential:

    Types of documents and contracts

    Below is a list of documents and contracts that can be requested to AlisGPT for their creation and drafting:

    • Financial documentation: Generation of reports and documents related to financial and accounting aspects.
    • Sale and purchase contracts: Creation of contracts for transactions of goods and services.
    • Service agreements: Drafting of contractual agreements between suppliers and customers.
    • Electronic invoices: Automated generation of invoices for commercial transactions.
    • Labor documents: Creation of documents related to human resources, such as employment contracts and internal policies.
    • Insurance policies: Generation of insurance policies and documents tailored to users' needs.
    • Confidentiality agreements: Drafting agreements to protect confidential information.
    • Acceptance of terms of use: Creation of legal documents establishing the terms of use of products and services.

    This is just a small sample of all that can be done using ChatGPT on an e-signature platform such as Tecalis Sign. From content generation to customer support to legal document creation, this technology is transforming the way we interact with information and automate various tasks in the digital age. As artificial intelligence continues to advance, it is exciting to imagine how Alis GPT and its future iterations will continue to impact and improve the performance of different areas of business and core business. Dare to try it today with no obligation.

    How to use ChatGPT in English

    ChatGPT can work in most languages. In the case of its integration with Alis GPT, it features advanced inter-language functionality: for example, you can write the instructions and talk to the system in English and ask it to deliver the requested document or contract in English, Spanish, and Italian.

    ChatGPT is capable of operating in multiple languages, making it a globally accessible tool. This allows users to not only translate or speak in one language with the wizard but to interact in one language and request the generation of documents in a different language.

    The integration of ChatGPT into the Tecalis Sign e-signature platform through the Alis GPT wizard offers users an innovative and efficient way to generate legal documents and other types of contractual content of any kind. The underlying artificial intelligence technology enables intuitive interaction and an automated and instantaneous creation process, benefiting both experts and users less familiar with the technology. 

    The versatility of Alis GPT covers an absolute range of documents and contracts, being able to draft absolutely anything with all the legal and technical knowledge of the applicable area, industry, and jurisdiction. This, coupled with full integration within the most versatile and functional electronic signature platform, gives users the ability to tailor and customize the generated content to their specific needs proving to be valuable tools in the business world and beyond, transforming the way we create and manage documents in today's digitized environment.

    Use ChatGPT technology for electronic signature through Alis

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