Electronic signatures: plans to choose and characteristics

electronic signatures plans to choose


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    To choose a reliable e-signature solution, we must take into account the plans of the different applications and the features that go with them. There is a wide variety of e-signature players on the market and we must compare their models in order to get a good price-performance ratio.

    There are considerations about the type of user who is going to use a particular electronic signature tool, the type of operation he is going to perform with it or the level of customization he needs. These points, among many others, allow us to assess the quality of the electronic signature plan offerings.

    Sign's plans are adapted and designed to fit the needs of each person, professional and company, from an individual to a large multinational with thousands of daily operations. Below we will review what e-signatures are, how they affect the plan configurations available on each platform, and explore Sign's e-signature plans according to the features and meaning of each plan.

    eBook: How to choose an Electronic Signature solution

    What are electronic signatures?

    Electronic signatures are trust services systems that enable one or more parties to digitally sign a document in electronic format in such a way that it is sealed. Its content is accepted or a contract is defined through the embedding of metadata that identifies the signatories of the agreement, contract or negotiation.

    On the other hand, electronic signatures are digital representations of traditional handwritten signatures used to authenticate and validate documents and transactions in digital environments either remotely, telematically or in person. Like a handwritten signature on paper, an electronic signature demonstrates the signatory's approval or consent to a digital document, that he or she is in agreement with what is stated therein. However, unlike physical signatures, electronic signatures are applied virtually by electronic means, which speeds up processes, provides greater security and eliminates the need for paper documents.

    Electronic signatures can vary in their level of complexity and security. From a simple scanned image of a handwritten signature to advanced technologies such as advanced electronic signatures with biometric authentication (such as facial recognition or voice biometrics), electronic signatures offer a wide range of options for verifying the signer's identity and ensuring the integrity of the document.

    What is an electronic signature plan?

    Electronic signatures are used in a variety of contexts, including commercial contracts, legal agreements, financial transactions and more. They facilitate the creation, sending and signing of documents efficiently, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements established in different jurisdictions.

    It should be remembered that some electronic signatures can be part of broader trust service systems, such as Tecalis. Digital signatures sealed by a QTSP partner are an advanced form of electronic signature that uses cryptography to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of the signed document. These signatures are especially used in situations that require a high level of security and legal validity.

    Electronic signature plans are delivery formats for different solutions based on features included per payment level. Through the plans, a customized and segmented solution can be offered to different types of users.

    Electronic signature plans are the trusted service providers' way of presenting their product to the market and dividing them by categories of use. In this way, customers can choose between different prices, opting for "lighter" formats for those who need to perform essential operations as opposed to large companies with very high transaction volumes and who also need to configure customized options or perform more complex transactions at a technical and regulatory level.

    When choosing electronic signatures, it is important to take into account the use cases in which they are to be applied, since as a general rule, plans are executed with their application in mind and for certain operations that require a higher level of legal backing.

    Another important aspect of electronic signatures is their set of features and functionalities. Upgrading to a higher plan is often not so much due to technical and legal needs as to aspects related to productivity and automation. In superior e-signature plans we can find features such as API integration, customized templates, organization and scheduling of mailings according to calendar, mass mailings or brand customization.

    Free electronic signatures plans

    Most e-signature solutions start at their most basic paid plan with simple, single-user oriented functionalities. They are useful for freelancers and especially for individuals who need to sign simple agreements with a volume of less than 100 mailings per year.

    Tecalis Sign is the only qualified provider of trusted services in Spain that offers a free plan. This means that all the functionalities that are usually included in the "starter", "personal" or "essential" plans of other electronic signature providers and that are paid for are already available in Sign's Free plan.

    free electronic signature as long as you need

    By starting with a free plan in its plan structure, the functional capacity of the tool from the following ones onwards will be greater, since it does not start from a previous paid plan. The Free plan acts as an online signature solution with a high level of support by having the support of a QTSP provider in all operations, as well as a signature process with the same UX/UI as the Premium plans. 

    In this electronic signature plan you will find:

    • Simple electronic signatures in accordance with the requirements established by eIDAS.
    • Parallel signature workflows with a limited number of signatories per shipment, in this case 3.
    • The documents are sent by email and the documents can contain up to 25 pages.
    • A document manager where you can store all documents and keep track of their signature or interactions.

    A guaranteed, agile and simple solution, suitable for any type of user looking to sign simple documents in both public and private, business and personal environments.

    Starter Plan: For freelance professionals and small companies

    The standard plan is aimed at professionals whose activity requires greater responsiveness to day-to-day business. Focused on team collaboration, productivity and customization, this eSignature model allows for more user-centric actions with superior legal support.

    Being Tecalis Sign's first paid plan, this one already includes a set of advanced features having activated the basic ones for the previous one, the Free plan. It is important to note that the payment plans include their assigned default features and functionalities in addition to a specific volume (package) of signatures per year according to type. This is a standard in this type of plan but, on the other hand, we can apply additional signature packages to these plans (also to the Free plan) to increase the volume. That is, on the one hand we find the main subscription (the plan) - which includes a number of basic features and a package of associated volume of signatures and included in the price and that may be sufficient for many businesses - and on the other hand we find that in case of exhausting the credit (number of electronic signatures made) we can add more by purchasing a package. The packages can be of a specific type of signature, of several, etc.

    Electronic signature for freelance professionals

    Now, with this first paid subscription, we can perform medium and medium-high risk level operations thanks to the biometric advanced electronic signature included in this plan, with a series of 75 annual shipments for this type of basic electronic signatures.

    At the functional level, the upgrade is considerable because it activates the professional options necessary to be able to seal documents of all kinds, under any circumstances and with a high level of evidentiary support and traceability.

    In a Standard plan of electronic signatures of Sign you will find all the advantages and benefits of the Free Plan plus:

      • Certified communication is added (e-notices eIDAS homologous to the burofax). Determinant in a large number of industries.
      • Creation of forms through custom fields in all documents. This can be done through templates to increase productivity with the use of the platform.
      • Scheduling of sequential electronic signature delivery and workflows.
      • Sending electronic signature requests via SMS or with QRs generation.
      • Observer role in a signature process and document or request expiration.
      • 5 years of document custody by an official RegTech partner.
      • Platform functionalities conditioned to extended units, such as larger document size or pages.

    Thus, the Tecalis standard electronic signature plan improves productivity and facilitates employees' tasks by highlighting as its main functionality the advanced electronic signature: a model that in most other electronic signature players is only available from higher plans.

    Business Plan: SMBs and high-growth businesses

    The electronic signature premium plan in Sign aims to respond to the needs of businesses whose activity would not be possible without the use of electronic signatures or companies that wish to use it to do more business at a lower cost.

    Try any of the Tecalis Sign plans without obligation

    This plan includes functionalities that users from different company departments use to be faster and sign contracts with a medium or high level of risk. Therefore, here we can find the eight types of electronic signatures offered by the provider, so that each operation is adapted to the use case that applies

    Sign's Premium eSignature plan includes all the features and functionality of the Standard Plan as well as other advanced options to drive business growth across all industries:

    • Verification of the signatory by means of official identity documentation (with inclusion or by means of collection with OCR system). Essential for advanced use cases and high risk contracts.
    • Alis GPT, the automated document and smart contract generator based on the most advanced AI technologies (specialized generative language model). It includes an editor that can be used to structure the created document or the possibility to export it for editing in another application of the user's preference and upload it back to the platform for delivery.
    • Automated mass mailings to company databases.
    • Brand customization with the company's branding and logo as well as other integration options with the business interface.
    • Superior SLA support with preferred platform availability.
    • Ability to add teams management and more than a single user.
    • Embedding of attachments in the same email and the possibility of sending envelopes for signature in a single process.
    • OTP signature and digital certificate manager.
    • Know Your Customer (KYC/AML6) verification of the signatory with reliable proof of life for e.g. bank account opening, contracts with financial component and other high-risk use cases.
    • Mobile APP for face-to-face signing in the business through push notifications. 
    • It allows you to request payments, store data and build a scalable business model.
    • Signature delegation and collaboration platform between signatories with a module for comments, changes and versioning of documents until the final signature.

    This plan maximizes the possibilities of a business by enabling new use cases such as remote contracting, avoiding the need for users to travel to a physical location to verify their identity. With the Premium eSignatures plan, businesses can count on a legal and technological partner that seals all their operations according to the most demanding technical and legal requirements while minimizing the time needed by employees in all areas (sales, operations, human resources, purchasing...) to perform their tasks.

    esignature types and uses

    Superior Enterprise Options and Customized Offers: Large Enterprises

    For more complex contracting needs and specific models, especially in terms of volumes of electronic signatures, the higher options are indicated. To this end, customers who believe that their company needs to obtain an ad-hoc offer due to the nature of their activity or the number of monthly/annual e-signatures to be done are recommended to contact directly the experts of the trusted service provider.

    In this model, we are no longer talking about an off-the-shelf subscription or plan, but a tailor-made configuration for a customer that requires enhanced capabilities. With specific management tools, native integration into the business' own systems and channels, and advanced workflows with triggers enabled by RPA technologies, leading businesses in all industries are able to boost their activity and improve KPIs in all areas thanks to e-signatures.

    electronic signature for Large Enterprises

    Sign's Enterprise eSignature configurations have all the capabilities, tools and features of the Premium Plan as well as ad-hoc integrations and other functionality:

    • Customized volumes of electronic signatures at a competitive price.
    • Single users per team or area.
    • Full regulatory support in dynamic configurations by type of operation in the business and by user.
    • Unlimited templates, unlimited single signatures, maximum level of support and an account manager or team assigned to work on the project.
    • API integration in all digital, telematic and face-to-face channels of the business in any device, OS and own or third-party system.
    • Personalized behaviors thanks to AI technologies Robot Process Automation.
    • The maximum level and amount in unit-dependent configurations.

    Consult all Tecalis Sign plans and their functionalities or contact us directly to ask us your questions and analyze with our experts free of charge which options are best suited to the day-to-day running of your business and your teams.

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